Difference between Facebook and Twitter is, Twitter is a microblogging service.

I'm proud of Vaughn's accomplishments.

Let's see what else we can find out about Arne.


What he did was nothing less than madness.

She is thinking of suing as a last resort.

Agatha emptied the garbage.


People should be the masters of their own destinies.


The egg is hard.

Little birds are singing merrily.

It's high time you stopped wasting your money.

We've seen this before.

Maintaining friendships can be challenging.

We never should've hired Olivier.

Do you honor this credit card?

She always takes hours to get ready.

Meeks was upset when she saw a picture of Molly's ex-girlfriend in his wallet.


What can we do to help him?

Don't call the police.

Jill reached into her bag.

Knute and Jochen are playing Minecraft together.

Morgan asked me to wake him up at six.

Can you please walk away?

Vadim doesn't have a car.

Cyrus had no idea how busy Dominic was.

I told Niall that it would be dangerous.


I suspected he was a liar.

What do you expect us to do?

This misery resulted from his laziness.

He's playing in the garden.

Jarvis worked closely with Rex.

This is deeply troubling.

It's punctured.

I'm not going to worry about it.

Everything that is not me is incomprehensible.

These bacteria have mutated into forms that are resistant to certain drugs.

Randal said he had a plan.

He goes abroad every year.

The police called on Ian yesterday.

Antonella left his windows unlocked.

Excuse me, please check the oil.


I just want some peace and quiet.

I love being in the spotlight.

Jenine is quite good at his work, you know.


You're always smiling.

I took my degree in biology.

I hope I'm not boring you.

The safety card in the seat pocket contains the same information as the following safety demonstration.

Vice described himself in the lonely hearts' column as a dependable, dedicated, God-fearing 40-year-old who was seeking a like-minded female for companionship.

This is quite puzzling.

We cannot sleep because of the sound.

Do you have to do that right now?

I know where to find a good doctor.

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Roberto will be thirty years old in October.

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You don't impress me.


Where are the lions and tigers?


Ariel exited through the gate.

Variety delights.

He looked at her with bleary eyes.

That's just not very good.

The girls laughed loudly.

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Isamu Kobayashi received the patronage of Rohan Koda.


I prefer coffee to tea.

Here are the findings of our report.

They're stupid.


I knew you were crazy, but I didn't know you were this crazy.

I will go, be the weather what it may.

The brother writes.

The crucial verb in SQL--Structured Query Language--is "SELECT." SELECT statements return row sets from tables, cursors, joins, or the row sets returned by other SELECT statements.

Where have they been in the last three months?

I am very sad today.

This fish is bony and it is not easy to bone it.

Well, why not?

I just threw up.

Teriann did it on purpose.

It's Shaw's party tonight and I haven't got anything to wear!

You know as well as I do that we will die here.

Please promise me you won't do that again.

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Why do you have this?


We don't want to overwhelm Frances.


When you look for an annual diary, what's the most important thing you look for?

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In spite of his tight schedule, Indra always has time to spend with his children.


I will have been staying in this hotel for one month next Sunday.


Reading is my passion.

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The train arrived at the right time at the train station.

That's no easy task.

Joanne has been executed.


I said some things I didn't mean.

She slept even more.

It was very cold last month.

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She goes to school.

Luc agreed for the job.

Charlie has truly perfected his craft.

That was our goal.

I am thinking about that matter.

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I take him.

It wasn't long before Ned was able to swim well.

Who acts Hamlet?

They announced the date of their wedding in the newspaper.

Claudia doesn't understand me the way you do.

In the United States, we can hear a chorus of comments from the right wing ridiculing soccer every time there's a World Cup.

Is there enough money to get a bottle of wine?

It's just like rats leaving a sinking ship.

The company didn't make any effort to improve its business practices.

A number of students announced their readiness to engage in the contest.

Please don't make me beg.

Please show me your notebook.

I admire you for keeping your head.

Those are all false judgments, you take it all wrong.

One can hardly change one's point of view.


Lynnette thought Johnny was guilty.

A high degree of specialization is required in that company.

Enclose your resume in this envelope and submit it to the personnel department.


That's dumb.


I had a bite at around 3 o'clock.

Steen is showing his wound.

He messed it up.

I know he left for London.

I don't work.

AIDS has broken out.

I must convince her.

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The two teams playing tonight are the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers.

Bear in mind that that school is an integrated junior high and high school.

The meeting was last month.

He is a psycho.

I can die happy now.

Hillary doesn't have any common sense.

Sundar needs to hire a private detective.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the rear of the building.

I can't say that I blame you.

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No one really knows.

Five years have passed since I came to Japan.

It was rainy for three days.

Tovah confessed to killing his wife.

It's right there on your desk.

Celia denied that report.

They closed up shop and left town.

How much time is left?

Go straight ahead along this street.

The number of pupils in this room is 25.

Some snakes are venimous but I still fear all of them.

Gail called Romain a coward.

I am a Turk and I love my country.

Janice didn't have time to do the job properly.

Why don't you go and buy some supplies?

If the weather hadn't been bad, I would have started my journey.

You can't watch the game.

It looks like today will be a long day.

Louis Armstrong was a well-known exponent of scat singing.

Brodie arrived safe and sound.

We thought you were in danger.


Do you think that e-books will replace paper books?


He climbed the tree without difficulty.


She did the right thing.

Isn't it true that you visited her on the night in question?

I want to have a word with her.

He makes it a rule to work in the garden for two hours every day.

He's gone senile.

I'll just be a minute.

Our plane couldn't land on account of the dense fog.

Give this copy to him.

Elijah has begun to look into the matter.


The stink from the garbage was overwhelming.

The lawyer explained the new law to us.

When he saw his father, he didn't even say a word.

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I am joining the piano competition this February.