Water changes into steam.

Workers are taking a financial beating in the employment crisis.

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I liked the book so much I ordered ten copies for friends.

Kimmo bought a sewing machine for Vice.

Suyog wouldn't believe us.

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Kenneth is Teriann's adopted brother.

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Jeanne started to put his coat on, but then decided to stay a bit longer.


"Objection. This certainly has no relevance." "All objections have been waived till the trial."


That sounds like a threat.


Whatever you say buddy.

Aggressive salespeople often don't think they're being pushy; they think they are 'results oriented.'

I've only heard good things about him.

I have a different opinion.

The policy fluctuated between two opinions.

We've got to move fast.

I made his son a new suit.

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Why don't you work harder?

I'll be more careful from now on.

He gave me not just advice, but money as well.


Please don't get me wrong.

Don't believe everything you hear.

The children love to hear stories.


I'm quitting my current job as of the end of the month.

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Gretchen has no idea how his behaviour affects others.

I need people I can rely on.

It wasn't that cold.


Along with the plants, animal life, too, was developing in harmony with the strict requirements of the land.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to what you're doing.

Bernie left everything to Farouk in his will.

Dirk climbed the mountain with Amigo, John and Alice.

Deborah closed his eyes and began to count sheep.

She really likes antiques.

I am a blackcap.

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I'm not a Muslim and so I have no obligation to observe the fast but as long as I'm living in the same apartment having consideration for such a custom is important.

Of the three candidates, I think Mr. Smith is the best.

I am going to have something to eat.

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I don't have any details.

Thank you for finding out what happened.

I hope we don't run into any trouble.


As for me, I am quite happy.

I have seen "Star Wars" twice.

Have you ever shot a gun before?

I wasn't saying that.

What are the rules of the game?


Collin has missed this.

Are you going to tell Jianyun the bad news, or do you want me to?

That was naive of me.

I want us to win.

She went to a movie the other day.


They are of us, you know.

I can do it with one hand.

She must be well off.

What a lovely garden!

Leave us alone for a minute.


Worst day ever!

It was nothing but a coincidence.

He worked far into the night.


I could tell at a glance that she was in trouble.


He declined the job-offer very politely.


Children learn by example.

That's just how George wants it.

He's brave and honest.

Now the secret is out.

I'm very tired and want to go to bed early.


Children should obey authority.

Can I carry this on the plane?

We'll meet right here.


Everything has been thoroughly cleaned.

Hypocrisy is my abhorrence.

I had no alternative but to document the war crimes.

I prefer to sit down.

She's made up her mind to quit the company.

To have more than one problem before him at one time makes him irritable, upset and exasperated.

Trent is getting some coffee.


We were hoping you could tell us.


The corporation set up a dummy company.


Charleen and Raghu are up to no good.

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Does Duane often come here?

Horses used to pull road-rollers, but the steamroller arrived with the invention of the steam engine.

You should be able to do this without any help.

Miss Ito made her students work hard.

You're a terrible cook.


Franklin ignored Perry's email messages.

It was extremely easy.

Ross asked Win if she knew John's wife.

I'm certain Lester will want to speak with you.

Next time I switch jobs, I need work that will let me make use of the experience I've gained up to now.

As regards the matter, I know nothing.

This fishbowl life is all I need.

I'm just trying to do what's right.

One book is thin and the other is thick; the thick one has about 200 pages.

It was a strange beast.

Taro speaks English better than I.

Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.

I can't wait for the war to end.

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We're on a very tight schedule here.

He's the only survivor in the village.

A jack of all trades is a master of none.

That man is abusive trash who's lied in circles over and over again. We have no reason to believe that this isn't just more emotional manipulation. I've seen this exact thing happen over and over again with other abusers like him in different places. Abusers like him use their perceived instability as social capital to keep their trust and good faith alive long after it's been crushed again and again by their cruelty and perversion.

She is quite ignorant of the world.

Women like men like their coffee: They've got to be strong, hot, and to keep them up all night long.

Don't do anything yet.

We were eating a sandwich.

Tension is a major cause of heart disease.


A trip to Mars would be a once in a lifetime experience.

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Please be patient with me.

Krzysztof loved the change.

I know I'm rambling.


She wasn't ready to return to her hometown.


A piano is expensive.

If dinner isn't ready by seven, I'm going to a restaurant.

I think Jenine might be busy.


The accountant was blamed for the mistake.

We can't live without oxygen.

He believes that he is rich.

We've done all we can do.

Take this medicine when you have a cold.

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You're not going, are you?

Connie has a thing for Kemal.

Who's your favorite drummer?

I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.

Satisfied, he smiled.


I will give you a recipe.

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Does she understand Italian?

Please make certain your seat belt is fastened.

We'll be back in school in a couple of weeks.

As soon as he graduated, he went to work in his father's general store.

I can find my way out.

We'll have to take this one step at a time if you want your daughter back.

I'm slightly worried about Major.

I met him on the stairs as I was coming up.

Mott's room is across the hall from mine.


A three-person team is undertaking a 40,000-kilometre motorcycle journey from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the southern tip of South America.

Please open your bag.

Do you want him back or not?


I told you we should've gotten here earlier. Now there aren't any places left to sit.

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Adam got angry.

Cary found out about Larry's secret relationship.

Sales of prescription opioids in the United States have nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2014.

I tried many things but failed after all.

It was the worst night of my life.

I've already made arrangements.

Louiqa eats too fast.

We need to ask you a few questions, Mwa.

Thank to a fundamental restructuring, our surplus has swelled threefold.

Breathing is an involuntary bodily process.

Sandy will be in Boston for a week.

Were there others with you?

I was here about a year ago.

Tyler refuses to talk.

I love orchids because they are pretty.

The murmur of the brook lulls me to sleep.

I think it's time we made some changes.

Helen and Ron got married three years ago, but only stayed married for about three months.

I ate breakfast at eight.


She gave me a piece of good advice.

Srinivas ran across the field.

Attach this label to your package.

George was describing a 30 pound bass he'd caught recently after fighting it for three hours.

Everything changed.