Piet is tireless.

When was the last time you were on a date?

If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

He is absent from school today.

In America, the consumption of fast-food has tripled between 1977 and 1995.

I think that she is from Japan.

Her job was to see the children safely across the street.

How did Case even know about it?


By the way, I loved the letter.

This is the first time I've ever stamped a document.

Do you really have a boyfriend?

The ambulance broke down in the middle of the busy avenue.

Piercarlo said the coffee was too hot to drink.

I've already suggested that to Erik.

It's awful, just awful.

This diamond is not real.

He became a Catholic.

My family just moved here from Boston.

The baby arrived near dawn.

I was away for a while.

Diane knows the way to Andrea's house.

I'll remember today for as long as I live.

Juliane went out of his way to give you a hand.

If you persist in bothering her like that, she'll lose her temper.

They rise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing. And they fight and dance 'till the morning.

This rule cannot be applied to every case.

Kory is now in prison.

Jennifer was dressed casually.

Where are you planning on going this evening?

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I'll be over here.

What's your favorite kind of fish?

I missed the school bus!

I've got a lot of talent.

You think I'm stupid, don't you?

You had plenty of time.

There are many different types of kisses.

He sat in on some of the board's policy-making meetings.

Some water, please.


I think we need to take a little break.

We've never been to Boston.

After making and tasting authentic macaroons, I still don't understand why some people love them.

This is a photograph of my painting.

We have to make a close analysis of the accident.


We just didn't get the job done.

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In order to distract the others, we brought up this irrelevant issue as a red herring.


I can't hold back my longing for you.

It's been ten years since I came to Japan.

Scorpions are dangerous.

I hope it'll be quiet.

Where are you hiding?

We called on our English teacher the other day.

I'm happy with what I've got.

Please don't tell Mom.

Truth be told, this sentence uses the subjunctive mood.


You guys are untrustworthy.

Thank you for not betraying us.

First of all, learn the formula by heart.


Beth is my cousin.

I've been trying to reach you for three days.

All of a sudden, I remembered that I couldn't pay for so many books.

I couldn't bear any more insults.

Have you heard already that he has finally returned home?

I often eat chicken.

We are having a whale of a time.

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Lorien got up to greet them.

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My music teacher was surprised to find out that I can cook.


I don't want to go, and besides it's too late.


In the future, humans will use spaceships to travel around the galaxy at speeds faster than light.

You shouldn't have to do that.

When will Warren get home?

To gain time we took the plane.

The bellows are not working.

"Do you think Wayne's new business will be successful?" "It's too soon to tell."

I was going to visit a friend.

The idea is typical of him.

Today is my day.

I'm glad you like my present.

I do not feel myself equal to the task.

We can't kill Paula.

Tao's troublemaking days are over.


I'd have been here sooner except for some trouble on the way.

Many Hindus consider Sanskrit to be the language of the gods.

The doctor continued to observe the patient's behavior.

She was hurrying the hell up.

That she is dead is certain.

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That time he had a lot of money.

Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty or thirty-one days make up a month.

I'm not in the mood to help you.

She has soft skin.

Kuniko is related to Mr. Nagai.

The ruling class will not surrender its power.

Is that why you did this?

Can you believe it? We're in Germany!

His students speak bad about him behind his back.

What grade are you in?

That house is the place where I was born.

I found the book boring.

You've got a big day tomorrow.

This is strictly about business.

They don't have to answer.

I guided.

I don't feel like going in costume this year.

That smell could be rotting meat.

Anatoly is always making me laugh.

I didn't order it.

I don't really care who wins.

Who knows that guy?

There was a shortage of fuel.

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I've got a car.

Shai has more books than Sridhar.

Delbert is bossy.

He hasn't changed his clothes in two weeks.

Our school stands on the hill.


This must've belonged to them.

Can I get your name and address?

Many years ago, I visited the center of Hiroshima.

I'm going to get dessert.

You may go home early today if you like.

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He whispered to him: " I love you ".


I saw your progress about your dentist career and I'm really happy for you!

Sandip was never threatened.

Even the popular senator was surprised that thousands of people would throng to his political rallies.

Thank you for informing us that Mr Dived prepared the policy draft.

Miriamne didn't believe that Eric would lie to him.

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Bobby told me he was going to be busy all day tomorrow.

There is not a scrap of truth in his words.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Our teacher will return from abroad in August.

This is what I can do for you.


We must hand in a history paper by next Saturday.

I can't sit around waiting any longer.

Math and English were my favorite subjects.

He came back about nine last night.

He broke his promise, which was a big mistake.

A snowflake landed on Audrey's nose.

I can barely remember what my grandfather looked like.

It doesn't make much sense to me, but Ninja has decided not to go to college.

Open from 10:30am to 4pm on Sat, Sun, and Mon.


I can't send you the invitation.

Did you see which way Lorenzo went?

I want to go downtown.

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Stop vegetating on the couch.

The guys are cool.

God exists.

Let's talk about it some more after lunch.

You never asked me.

Connie keeps a black cat.

The subway in London is known as "the Tube."

I gave him a gold watch.

That is a serious oversight.

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We won't be able to do this alone.

I'm so happy you're back.

I'd like a glass of tequila.

I'll never get used to this.

Joon says that he doesn't feel like jogging.

I don't like his smart way of talking.

That's a good tee shot.

The dog chases the cat, and the cat chases the squirrel.

Some are wise, some are otherwise.


Somehow, all those reasons sound rather far fetched.

You have to ask yourself "Why do I believe what I believe?".

I had suspected as much.


There is a yellow church in the centre.

Mongo drove back to the hospital.

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.

Do you know how to use a personal computer?

I'm trying to get used to being paralyzed.


This is how I usually cook fish.

What more can be said?

It is a long way to the village.

We have rings.

I want to go to America someday.

Getting June to show up on time doesn't seem to be a problem.

War doesn't pay.