I am off duty tomorrow.

I hate rules.

"I'm sorry," Dima apologized. "I just had the strangest feeling."

How much will I pay for 3 minutes to Poland?

I remember playing with Yoshiko in that garden when we were young.

I have plans with them tonight.

This is a well-formed vase.

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She has been sick since last week.

I'm really not up on recent TV shows.

I cannot crawl like this. My knees hurt.

Which woman was talking to you?

Kerri found a gun in the toilet tank.

The tub ran over while she was on the phone.

I think the film is a very heart warming one.


You shook hands, didn't you?

Sid likes you just the way you are.

Pierette, I need you right now.

Colin invited me personally.

I speak German well.

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Why do you resent me?


Harv didn't have to answer those questions.


Hold the baby gently.

There is a beautiful park near my home.

He can not distinguish between right and wrong.

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He doesn't like to drink coffee.

It's been almost three months since I've moved here.

Six hundred and forty-four ... and she went to sleep.

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Getting people to change is extremely difficult.

The Prime Minister said that the enquiry would establish who knew what, when.

Mariou is a quiet person.


Tuna runs very fast.

Ethan says he's having fun.

How will we pay our debts?

We can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there.

Sho has already finished the book he started reading last night.


He was caught off guard when his wife announced they were going to have a baby.

I'm going to buy a dog tomorrow.

Kylo barely spoke to Moses last summer.


She looked out of the window.

This is Lievaart's dictionary.

Charley wants an apple.


On this matter, I feel exactly the same as way Leung does.


In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.

Space fought with all his strength.

There are four cardinal points: East, south, west and north.

I miss you, it's been a week since I last saw you.

Donal and Susanne were frightened.

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This matter had best be left unmentioned.

We'll never get one here in time.

I'm still going to talk to her.

I should've kept that secret.

It's a very serious crime.


Jeremy is unscrupulous.

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Urs saw Myron eating a sandwich under the tree.

She used to pray before going to bed.

Nathan walked in the door at just the right time.

We are left with having to postpone our departure.

The police have decided to look into the case.

Jesse told me he'd be late.

Andrew helped me carry the baggage.

When I tried to explain my reasons he simply became even angrier.

I am tired of my work.


Alexander smiled eagerly.

Do you bake cakes in this oven?

Generally speaking, the climate here is mild.

The concrete layer of the nuclear reactor's shielding will be destroyed using controlled explosions.

Could you get me a glass of ice water please.


We're too busy to attend to such detail.

His anger was terrible to see.

Dale was the last person Bucky expected to see at John's party.

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This is easy. It's like taking candy from a baby.

Marcos is nice.

The hosiery factory produces 600,000 pairs of socks a day.

Where is the United Airlines check-in counter?

Open your mouth and close your eyes.

We have a lot of confidence in Mac.

I think time will solve the problem.

Did you tell Walt that I was here?

Arnold has bought us some time.

He is easily led.

My parents want to dismiss our nurse because they don't have enough money to pay to her.

I missed the last train.

It goes in the direction of a disaster.

I always catch a cold in the winter.

Ross told me he's not interested in you anymore.

I always lose.

The police found boxes that contained marijuana and other drugs inside the trunk of the car.

I'm pretty interested in it.

Much reading has brought upon us a learned barbarism.

You must never resort to force.

How will I go on without you?


There aren't many known ruins of this civilization.

I should've done this sooner.

I only have one condition.


Andy is weird.

I didn't invite him.

The book consists of thirty chapters.

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I thought Lenny was Wes's father.

It could be objective.

Your friendship has great value to me.

Thanks anyway.

Curt and John are good friends.

Nathan hired a new housekeeper, and a competent one at that.

Sales fell short of their goal.

Gail sends about 100 text messages a day.

They experienced a pain in their legs.

Doctors recommend eating three meals a day.

I find it difficult to believe.

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She wouldn't even speak to him.

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You should protect Archie.

That depends, but usually about three times a week.

Brent asked too many personal questions.

This is just to confirm receipt of your letter.

She kept smiling all the time.

One can never be too young or too old to enjoy a certain genre of music.

I'll ask Gunnar to buy tickets for us.

It's impossible to tell the Jackson twins apart.

I'm working for a trading firm.

She had three DPT shots before.

Where did you buy that book?

This is one of the jobs I have to do every day.

Have they told you anything yet?

I think that's what Luis was trying to say.

How could it not matter?

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She started early in order to avoid the rush hour.

If you don't work, you shouldn't eat.

Ping has a daughter who's married to an Australian.


Mark gave a lot of suggestions, but I didn't like any of them.


Quite a few people have two cars.

I'll never be happy again.

Emmett is always candid.

What's this got to do with you?

He has plenty of money in the bank.

You're in love with Skef, aren't you?

Where is there a restaurant?


The pain caused by love is much sweeter than any pleasure.

Oleg doesn't have to give me anything.

Several people have noticed this problem.

I know what I've experienced.

There are many problems for them to deal with.

It's only a flesh-wound, as they say.

If we launch the rocket toward the east, it will get a big boost from Earth's rotational motion.


Who were you talking with?

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That altered the aspect of the case.


I got busy.


I'll get it for you.


Yesterday I went to lie down at midnight.


Those things happen.

Lynnette became Nils's best friend.

The city has rapidly expanded recently.

Helen had been released from the hospital, but he was still recovering from the gunshot wound.

Can you read that?

Who do you think will take over the company?

I thought you guys had already left.


Marion is also getting ready.


Traffic is a problem in Manhattan.

Ric shot and killed a man who insulted him.

Alastair is sure that he'll pass the next exam.

Ranjit likes to play rough.

He's a total moron.

I made a deal.

I suddenly feel old.

My car is not running.

I'm not calling him.