SureDatum is here to save you money on your Oracle licensing bill. We deliver Risk and Cost Reduction, License Audit Protection, Contract Review, Data Centre Optimisation, ULA Optimisation and Change Modelling.

Our Oracle License Experts Deliver Services that get Results

In the last 3 years we have saved our clients over £500 million. We guarantee you a Return on Investment, within 12 months.

Identify and Resolve Oracle License Risks, Reduce License Costs.

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Ensure you are Oracle License Audit Ready & Compliant.


Maximise the Return on Investment from your Contract.

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Highlight areas of inefficiency & create strategies to save on Oracle license costs.


Correctly negotiate, manage and certify an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.


Understand license costs and potential savings of any large transformation project.

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Tips to better managing an Oracle License Audit

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