Even if you do not like it, you must take charge of it.

Only looks and money count in this world.

I want with you to conquer the world but I feel we can't go too far.

Sanjay stumbled backwards.


Not long after I joined the queue, a man approached and asked if I wanted a taxi.


"Where did you have lunch?" "At a restaurant."

I hope Irfan remembers where he buried the money.

Who hired us?


She takes pleasure in seeing horror films.

Are you sure you don't want me to say anything?

Anton sat on the porch and drank tea.

I got him to polish my shoes.

Sergeant looked out the window at the ship that was coming into port.

It's urgent that I see her.

That's the reason we have to leave.

It's already cleared up.

You just want to preserve the logographic tradition with your new constructed language.

The view is so beautiful!

I think Isabelle knows already.


How do you like your coffee? Strong and black?

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Did Valeria find him?

Fried eggs, sunny-side up, easy please.

I thought you'd want to try some Japanese food.

Yes, certainly.

My husband often fails to understand what I mean.

The story got more and more exciting.

I'm very worried about my weight.


Dan didn't even discuss the problem with Linda.


Things are changing fast.

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A hinny is a hybrid offspring of two species, a male horse and a female donkey.

Joon is perfect, isn't he?

Despite Trang's constant affirmations of love, Spenser is still afraid someday she will fall out of love with him.

Ms. Tanaka can type, can't she?

Reading books is a habit of mine.

I trusted her and I believed her.

She didn't want him to go overseas.


Louis got bigger.

I thought this would make us both so happy.

Let's wait till he comes back.

It's really funny.

The beehives are on the other side of the orchard.

Who has come?

Isn't there something you want to say to Takao?


That remains a possibility.

The ayu season has opened.

Rees, where are we?

He may do whatever he wants to.

He actioned for an injunction.


I'm accustomed to sitting up late.

I need to replace my keyboard with a new one.

Hector had a look of determination on his face.

My sister often cries.

Nancy clicked off the radio.

Are you sure it was him?

Go ahead, open it.

Nelken went too far.

Where did you hear this?

These oranges have rotted.

I forgot to close the curtains.

Konstantinos realized that he was drowning.

I'm going to wash my hands.

Don't look at him. Look at me.

Seen from space, Earth seems relatively small.

Little did I dream of my success in this business.

We were expecting something different.


I saw some small animals running away in all directions.

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Novorolsky does know that.

As he was leaving the hotel, he was shot.

Sandy wanted more time.

Few Indians live in Japan.

Riding a horse is really thrilling.

Gregg is a woman who inspires awe in all who meet her.

I could have stayed a while longer, but I was getting tired, so I decided to leave.

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What made Bill decide to be an engineer?

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Eight is the double of four.

Your agent has already called on me.

What are you going to do after graduating from college?

Chris doesn't usually walk anywhere.

I can't take that chance.


She's a bohemian.


They're better than we are.

I'm in no hurry.

Are you guys hungry?

Tommy and Sue sat on a park bench and talked for hours.

What's the difference between these two?

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Rafael probably doesn't like it.

Have you ever had a stillbirth?

We'll tell him.

If we have no more clean, drinkable water, we are doomed.

You aren't rich.

You must talk with him about the matter.

Please come and see me next Sunday by all means.

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Do you two know something?


I want to attend.

We surrounded her.

Did you bring a hair dryer?

The attitude of the court toward young criminals is different from its attitude toward adult criminals.

Albert asked us to dinner.

There are a million people in Auckland.

Did you go to your high school prom?

The company owner had great faith in Mwa's discretionary abilities, so he was granted the authority to exercise his own judgment in handling difficult and sensitive problems as he saw fit.

There is an abundance of pictures in the book.

I think you should take that job in Boston.

Who would want to hire me?

You are a busy man, so I will adjust myself to your schedule.

Red is a colour.


I wish to see her immediately.


Even the fastest runner in the world cannot run if he is hungry.

They aren't alone.

I'd decided not to do that again.


Am I being replaced?


Marnix is watching me.

Phillip found his missing shoe under the coffee table.

I was a baby in those days.

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Was he in the car or by the car?

Allan lives just around the corner.

She called me many terrible things.

Take whichever one you want.

It's illegal!

It was very neatly written, and except that "friend" was written "freind" and one of the S's was the wrong way round, the spelling was correct all the way through.

He looks very kind, but he is unpleasant.


It was a wonderful surprise.

Thanks to the taxi driver, we had a very wonderful time in London.

Louiqa took out a magazine and began to read it.


The tree has too many twigs and branches.

The commander was roaring at his soldiers.

I won't keep you too long.

Mark lost his key.

Now I feel guilty.


The river is 35 meters across.

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Is Fletcher there?


She choked him with her bare hands.

My therapist told me to go to a bar and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.

This dictionary is as useful as yours.


They can't do anything at this time.

Hrmmm, to judge from their looks they might be from Shanghai.

One day Loukas just up and left.

Lewis put her hands on her hips.

I was truly perplexed.

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Be passionate!

I have to paint it.

Everything will turn out fine.

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I am more worried about you than the future of Japan.


I should cancel the trip to LA.


Ask if someone wants to talk about the accident.

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No one answered.

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In an unusual move, this school's big band uses slide trumpets and valve trombones exclusively.

I'm beginning to believe that we'll never be able to convince Donna that he's wrong.

The crocodile trapped the gnu as it tried to cross the river.

I can't talk now. I'm too busy.

I gave them some apples.

Why should I go?

His criticism only referred to incidental matters.

Only in philosophy can you use a circular argument and get praised for it.

I want you to talk to Mongo about that.

How wistful a memory you won't ever recall again.

No one would hurt her.


Sunil doesn't really speak French.

You don't need to know about them.

I wanted to get some air.

We are excited at the news.

I tried to tell Louie what needed to be done, but he didn't seem to be paying attention.