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Neil is saving up money so he can go to Australia.


I understand why you're here.

She will change it.

Don't pull it. Push it open.

He's definitely the right guy for the job. Let him fiddle with a computer and he perks right up.

They've taken Kristian home.

She is looking at a beautiful picture.

Both drinking and smoking are bad for your health.

This flower smells sweet.

What they did next was bad, even by my standards.

Some apples rotted on the tree.

We need to be more realistic than that.

You should sue her.

I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job.

Why don't we go together?

She passed me pretending not to know me.


Why don't you invite him over?


The best fish smell when they are three days old.

"Look what I found under the sofa!" "I think that's one of my old socks."

Do you have a freezer?

A saint's maid quotes Latin.

Panacea closed the door and he and Christian started kissing.

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All but for he are here.

At first, I thought she was joking.

He has to make a speech at the party.

I had been in Tokyo only three days when I received news of my father's death.

I don't know how, but you did it.

This isn't fair.

You seem to have something else on your mind.

Geoff could barely hide his reaction.

He made an apology to us for being late.

May I use the phone?

Pat is quite attractive.


Your name has been dropped from the list.

We aren't safe.

I've got new priorities.

Ernest fell asleep immediately.

He is a poet by birth.

Stewart stepped back.

He broke his arm.

The exchange rate for the yen against the dollar has risen.

Trading partners are leaning on Japan to clarify its trade policy.


I hope to marry that woman one day.

Miriam forgot his shopping list and only got half of what he had intended to get when he went shopping.

I didn't foresee this turn of events.

They were amazed at his courage.

It's one of the things that I like about you.


I think they want you to do it.

We just didn't expect it.

Herb went to an aerobic dance class.

He's a beat officer.

I'm dying to look at all the work you've done.

Many women in the world shave their armpits.

Joyce wants to be a designer.


I'm not a beggar.

The teacher wrote something on the blackboard, but it was too small for me to read.

We started that.


This is one of the best schools in the country.

They are leading a loose life.

Let's pretend to be a couple.


Martin has three apple trees in his yard.

How did she get there?

Why do we need aspartame?


We bought a house.

He approached her in the disguise of a policewoman.

Everything had happened so quickly.

Gale takes care of my children.

I sure hope you're right.

Pilot didn't get anything done today.

Al will be thrilled.

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The boy is swimming with his friends.

There is only one interpretation possible for this sentence.

All Jaime ever drinks is water.

We must deliberate seriously on trade deficit.

Are you going to give Liyuan the money he asked for?

Edgar usually shops at the mall.

That is a Japanese doll.

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I am no longer hungry.

So far as I know, he is not lazy.

They had big plans for you.

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You'll never guess what I found.


Don't multi-post, idiot.

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You might want to get in on it.

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He is a teacher rather than a writer.

Do you think I should go by myself?

She was in love with me, but I wasn't in love with her.

They moved up and down the keys.

This image is not safe for work.

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My dad didn't eat.

You should focus on the road when you drive.

I went to see the baseball game yesterday.

I'm glad you did that.

I need to do an exam in January.


She's not more beautiful than her mother.

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Did you see my camera?

Dan met Matt in prison.

I have a list here.


Do good to those that hate you.

She comes from a mixed family.

I wish I could prove it.

I recovered.

My father asked me if I got along well with the Jones family.

Valeria doesn't want to become vegan.

You don't have to tell me everything.


She won the lottery.

Give my best regards to all your family.

She likes to observe birds.

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No way.

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Michel stayed at home all day yesterday.


We must prevent this type of incident from recurring.

I make sure not to cross this street, even if I am in a hurry.

Please be quick about it.

Sorry, but can you show me the way to the next village?

And every day the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest.

Johnny came to Japan for the first time when he was three.

Is Wade an eyewitness?

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I have buck teeth.


You don't have to go to an art school in order to be an artist.

Their voices sound similar over the phone.

Hsi is just fine.

Suzanne said he had a daughter.

At last, we were home!

She doesn't like oranges.

We adjourned the meeting until the following Friday.

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I need to talk to her alone.


We need to get rid of that.

I'm not an alcoholic.

You may not like what you discover.

Anita can't control himself.

I used to go home for lunch in those days.

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Everything has an end.


He will end up in jail.

The screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3.

I disobeyed you.

This medicine, properly used, will do you a lot of good.

The small duckling can swim and has demonstrated this ability.

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You can't see my house from here.

It started again!

I'm glad you're here now, Eli.

There, something completely different.

What did you want to tell me?

Shatter loved playing football.

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.

Omar filled the glass with water.

Hearing you sing, people might take you for a girl.

She likes nobody and nobody likes her.

I'll help you.

I can hear perfectly well.

Jack yawned and rubbed his eyes.

I want to learn French.

Denis is interested in jazz.

The plan is immature.

Axel doesn't usually wear pajamas.


He's fighting for his life.

I realize I'm new here, but I have a suggestion.

Caleb didn't wake me up at 6:30 like I asked him to.

We can't be sure of that.

We were struck dumb with astonishment.

Don't forget your coat!

He visited France three times.


In the village.

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I got bit by mosquitoes all over this area, and it itches so badly I can't stand it.


They gave no heed to the warning.