I'd like to have breakfast with you.

Sergio said that he takes a walk every morning before breakfast.

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Napoleon was a man of authority.

Are you going to pick someone up tonight?

His name is Eddie.


May I have your undivided attention?

Dani hardly knew Seth.

You can't do this to him.

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Within hours, the world knew the news.

He is not the one; I am.

Don't you want to know what happened?

Jim put the key into the lock.

Tomorrow, it will be cold.


We pay her well.

He's quite formal when he meets a stranger.

I sometimes can't understand her.

You were courageous to tell the truth.

Merton wouldn't just leave like that. He'd have at least said goodbye.

At what time does your class end?

How many years are there in a decade?


Please join me.

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How did he make his living in such poverty?

I hate Duke for many reasons.

The hen sits on her eggs until they hatch.

Life is too short to be mad.

I beg you forgive me.

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He's a grouch.

I wish I were as ready as you seem to be.

All the good seats were already taken.

How do you know it'll be terrible?

For several years I've been in the habit of, when I'm at home, only leaving my desk when it's time to eat.

Henry started to get a little angry.

I want to be sure you understand what's going to happen.

I'm not sure we have any other choice.

I congratulate you on wining first prize in the speech contest.

Kylo turned over a new leaf when he met Milo.

Half the camp went on a hike.

He was voted out.

The car cut to the left.

Yesterday the club elected its officers.

As compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

When I was young, I would often watch baseball.

I'm a very competitive person.

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Leila said that shouldn't be a problem.

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What does Cindy eat for lunch?

She ran away with tear-filled eyes.

Surya doesn't agree with Charlie.

At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach out for the ballot.

Hertz and Avis are head to head competitors in the car rental business.

She's a bit of a recluse.

This is an extra one.

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Peace begins at the dinner table.

I'm surprised by her lack of responsability.

Is it true? Paul kissed Lily on the lips?

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Cristina climbed up onto the roof.


I think you should reconsider that.

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I think it's time for me to consult a lawyer.

Police corruption is a serious problem in this country.

Eileen felt strong.

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They already got married.

I do not think it will rain tomorrow.

Look again.

Soldiers guard the place day and night.

It's troublesome that Internet Explorer's stop icon looks like a shiitake mushroom.

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Count me in.


It's also a popular destination for couples.

It's my first date with Dimetry.

You look older.


You'd better leave her alone.

"I certainly hope so." replied Lucifer.

She's lucky to have him.

Why are you stopping?

The lovers were walking arm in arm.

This does not look like studying.

It's often cold, so overcoats are advisable.

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The dentist pulled out his decayed tooth.


This is a very beautiful flower.


I am no match for him.

Kemal exhaled nervously.

Vernon isn't thin.

She asked after her friend.

Do you have a moment, Lester?

We heard gunfire.

Show me where Dan is in this picture.

Isaac does things at his own pace.

And I know you didn't do it for me.


Who's your favorite actor or actress?

I quit right then and there.

Say, he is no more than a kid.


We learned at school that Shakespeare was born in 1564.

There's something wrong somewhere.

You're not as young as you used to be.

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The girl standing over there is Nigel.

You should teach your children to be quiet at the table and only speak when they are spoken to.

We enter the classroom.

That girl can't ride a bicycle.

I think you will be impressed with the answers.


The cat tangled up all the threads.

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The long trip aggravated her injury.

She greeted him cheerfully.

Jesper stopped rowing.

My room faces east.

You're wounded.

Jan knows how much it'll cost.

How should you advertise on the Internet?

Would that the trees might speak on behalf of all things that have roots, and punish those that wrong them!

They're a great band and deserve the cash.

I was wrong about that one.

I thought someone had taken care of this already.


Some of Grace's students speak French very well.

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I always thought you should've been an artist.

My nose is running.

I will follow him.

In 1880, the Irish boycotted a landowner, Captain C.C. Boycott, for failing to lower rents.

I think you're going to like this one.

Are you finished with the paper?

Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.


They want to build one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Amos filled the bathtub with water.

Tell her I'll be home soon.

All this has now changed.

Dan feeds roaches to his big hairy spider.


I never saw the like of it before.


I'm on my way to see them.


Fruits have seeds in them.

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Not knowing what to do, I asked for his advice.

You just don't get it, do you?

Norman couldn't speak to Pete.

Thankfully she did not die.

The tea is so hot that I cannot drink it.

This mink cost $3,000.

I hope you feel better before tomorrow's festivities.

Cristina couldn't keep a straight face.

You're missing the point.

Is this a picture of your own painting?

Will you stop talking?

I'm just totally squeezed out with your unceasing demands. You just ask too much of me.

I went back to the house.


Even the sky cries for us!

Apparently, Damone did the same thing.

I've acquired confidence in the job.

Novo is with a patient.

Who wrote the letter?


I told her you were coming.


When a whole town is destroyed in a bush fire, it is the elderly who find it most difficult to start again.


I bumped my knee.

I'm not sure Piete is going to survive.

We have read.


Sanand doesn't eat much meat.

It's not really all that difficult to cut someone's hair.

I'm a long way from home.

He's afraid of his own shadow.

Could you tell us more about yourself?

He advised an early start.

You ought to know better than to go to such a dangerous place.

She takes piano lessons once a week.

Without the shadow of a doubt, the dream was a memory from a previous life.

Donn and Price sat way in the back.

The mortality rate per 1000 live births are set out in figure 13.1.

Jay is a smooth salesman.

I don't mind if you smoke.

The current rate is about one airplane crash every two weeks, measuring all serious accidents to all types of transport jets.

Just a second, please, here is my wife, I'll introduce her to you. Jarmila, this is Mr. Reindle from the American Embassy.