In addition to hiring me, he gave me a piece of advice.

He is going to be in charge.


I stay until midday.

When one admits that nothing is certain one must, I think, also admit that some things are much more nearly certain than others.

Did Kusum remember to add fabric softener to the rinse cycle?


Don't let us intimidate you.

You're a bachelor too?

He has turned 180 degrees around.

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I think Chip won the election.

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The letter was written in the Queen's own hand.

There is a basket full of bananas on the counter.

Chris and Rabin held hands as they skated around the rink.


In the autumn, leaves fall from trees.

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All of us went to the theater to see a play.


I was completely innocent.


That was the time when he came.

After an hour, I parted with them and came back.

"The two of you need to take the basket of apples over to your grandfather," the mother said. "You will grab it from one side, and you - from the other. And that's how you'll set out."


It's the best thing I ever did.

How old were you when you moved to Boston?

Cathrin is really into jazz.


Where does Omar work?

I'm supposed to be working this afternoon.

Whoever says so, I don't believe him.

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I felt like God.

She has watered the plants.

You're not the only one who knows how to do that.

It's doubtful whether Natraj will be there.

I have no idea what Suu was looking for.

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I'll put off my visit to England till the weather is warmer.

I hope there weren't too many mistakes.

He has eyes like emeralds.

I will go there in place of you.

Be waiting here until he comes.

Justin has been a little depressed recently.

Listen to the following exchange between colleagues!

Computers will save you much time and energy when you deal with figures and graphs.

Jayesh can read and write.

He was able to get along on the small amount of money.

Could you call a doctor, please?

Don't try that again.

This shredder features a very high throughput rate.

When I saw all that, I could only shake my head in silent resignation.

My brother is good at mathematics.


I'm the only one with a key to this room.


I'll take care of the horses.

That he grew up in China is well-known.

A year after saying those words, she succumbed to the illness she had been fighting.


Acid rain is not a natural phenomenon.

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Debbie seems fussy.

I hadn't seen him for ten years.

I like learning ancient languages.

You will find it stated a few pages further on.

Mann solved only half the problems correctly.

I live a simple life.

When did you ask her?


There is nothing here.

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Don't trust, don't be afraid, don't ask!


The population of the town dropped by a third.

I don't want to stay here.

I don't know why I have to go.

Harvey raised his gun and pointed it at Jayant.

I don't know if he's still alive.

Floyd said she didn't need a husband.

Benson and Spass said they were tired.


What's your favorite game?

I don't know how to help you.

Theirs is a large household; they have six children.

Dick, we'll start with you.

Be sure to take a note of what she says.


This is really volatile.

I didn't really want to do that.

When I turned fifteen I started going out more.

In Portuguese, "lalau" is synonymous with thief.

That must never happen.


It is very hot at night.

Tell me what it's like in Boston.

Tareq is young, but he knows what he's doing.

French is not the only language that I learn.

We had scarcely arrived at the Institution for the Blind when I began to make friends with the little blind children.

There's nothing worth watching on TV today.

A dictatorship means, by definition, one centre of power.

Just tell me the truth. I promise I won't get mad.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

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The interpreter provides his personal interpretation.


I guess it doesn't make any difference which swimming club I join.


Maarten stubbed his toe.


I generally walk to school.

I'm going to go find her.

Don't dig a pit for somebody to fall into, or you will end up in it yourself.


Don't you dare go there.

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Have you been well?

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If he is not rich, he is at any rate happy.

Using the names "Francis" and "Maria" in many English sentences to facilitate translating into Japanese is very strange.

Unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to leave his native town.

Ariel is really dangerous.

Tell her how you feel.

Copy this page in your notebook.

In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers.

He went out without a hat.

I'm fairly certain Emma doesn't believe us.

Somehow, he weaseled himself out of jury duty.

Who do you think did this?

Knudsen doesn't eat a lot.

I intend to phone Carlo tomorrow and ask him to help.

Raphael frightened me.

Would you like to become a trusted user?

The balance at the bank stands at two million yen.

Human beings differ from other animals in that they have reason.

Gretchen kicked the door open.

Let's talk about what went wrong.

I didn't realize Andrew was the one who broke that.

Where do you cook?

What you say does not bear on our problem.

Sandy dances well.

Klingons have ridged foreheads.

I gave Kamel some advice.


If you would like to have further information, please contact me.

His car has a turbocharger.

You have to speak French here.

Do you live near here?

Give him another chance.

I'm going to give them a bath.

I'm going to call them later.

Panos won't be ready.

Dominic jotted down some notes so he'd remember the main points decided on.

Haven't we met before?

Maybe I should talk to her.

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He waited for his son with anxiety.

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I didn't intend to hurt Leigh's feelings.


I don't even know what to say to Duncan.


I like chocolate.

Please give me salt and pepper.

Fudge! My stocking's run.

Have you betrayed us?

If everyone chips in, we'll be able to finish painting the living room by noon.

After the main dish comes the dessert.

Sir always brushes his teeth after meals.

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Can I talk with you?


Where are your grandchildren?


Can you die from fear?

An umbrella is useful in a mild rain, but when it rains cats and dogs an umbrella is of little help.

Why would anyone want to kill me?

What's your feeling about the idea?

We wish to speak to them.

The students assisted the professor in the investigation.

This isn't a place for kids.

I feel like walking.

He is an authority on China.

I doubt that Bea would behave in the way you suggested he did.

Arlene didn't resist.

My daughter's driving me crazy.

Pierce has admitted his guilt.


Let me ask you something, Teri. Do you think we really have a chance?

Tai doesn't want to talk to Ben ever again.

I had to get some help.


Maurice opened the venetian blinds and looked out at the view.


That star is visible to the naked eye.

That might've been a mistake.

I saw Alison and Raj making out.